Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super bowl ads

So. I just watched all the superbowl ads so far on hulu (you can find them here) and I already have some favorites. My number one: the little vader. And while everyone might be all like thats everyone's favorite, be more original, there is a reason why its a favorite. It is just amazing. The tilt of the guy's head at the end of the video: literally priceless. Number two, I liked the Doritos' Pug Attack. Actually, all the doritos commercials were really good this year. But this one was just spectacular. I mean I kind of expected this ending the entire time, but it was still great. And finally, for a non-comedic one, I enjoyed the Chrysler Detroit one. Most car commercials that aren't funny are just ridiculous. This one was beautiful. No other words can describe it. Now, my least favorites: The coca cola ones. They were just ridiculous. All of them. What was the moral for that cartoon one? Throw coke at your enemies? And the groupon ones. Such bad taste.

Hello world.

Hi all my devoted followers of none. So. here i am, about to give you an overview of what i do. First and foremost, i will deliver news. im also on twitter @adifviewonlife. Follow me if you so choose. secondly, i make the news more awesome. true story. so follow me.